Monday, April 1, 2013


I am the hastening twilight
The arena of broken dreams
We wait for collective missives
To ignite our dormant unseen
Am I a detriment to scars?
I recollect yesterday's peace

I remember the somber pleas
To streams of gurgling abyss
Wash me, cleanse me, enrapture stars
They deliriously court bliss
Superior to our reason
Could we learn from the barren mists?

I would hesitate to enlist
In your fleeting revolution
Though I tend to renege on pacts
My ideals derived from the sons
Of perdition and denouement
Of anarchy and salvation

Sunday, March 17, 2013


The storm rolls in

Belated tinge
Here comes the sky
Forgotten fringe

Seemingly sought
Where is the fight?
Untimely bought

Ocean channels
See, waves so bright
Seven vandals

Succulent sun
Farewell, delight
Bittersweet dawn

Revolutionary cinder blocks

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Perhaps the sun has set
On promises unmet

On barren cradles
On forlorn byways
On carefree fables
On translucent bays

This farce is a
To want, to say
To give, to bleed
This world will be

Stories fade
Eagles breeze
Tide recedes

Will clouds return?
Will old scars burn?

For I...

Perhaps the moon will rise

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where I Belong

Standing on the brink
Feeling like a fool
Fighting to swim or sink
Feeling like a broke tool

Tides ripping sand
Clouds boiling over
Machine takes man
This show is over

I will not bow
I will stand on the sound
I will stand until I am found

When the sky falls out
When my stars fall down
I will still stand my ground

And what of that end?
Ripping and churning and
Stealing breath of man
Oh, bleeding hands...

But not forsaken
But not defeated

Staring at the end of all that I am
Searching for fire to breach mountains of sand

But stronger
But breathing

When I burn at the stake
Victim of reckless hate
I will still wait
Until the angry storms abate

I am a refugee
Restless but without rest
I am a tragedy
Fighting to make sense of this mess

I want to wake up

I want to see miracles
See the world change
I want to feel Your name

Not copping out
Not backing down
Not giving up
Not selling out

Pressing on to
Where I belong


Monday, December 19, 2011


I see that you brought the army
Was it the stain of languid blood?
The clatter of these swords so keen
Slipping over white-washed, slick mud
Those rocks carry a silver sheen
Fire shrinking to my torrid cut

You need to get a grip
This show is on the ropes
Baby, you want to trip?
Cut me a slice of home

So much more than this ache...
You know how my heart yearns
This flaking ground will shake
Apathy never hurts

Cry like the end of shame is here
Pressing on to forests of green
Left behind in forgotten years
Better to stand than flee
Lift up your head and spurn the tears
Wash away in this trickling sea